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Protecting our Environment

Blue Crane Safaris believes in low-impact tourism and is committed to assisting conservation efforts that help preserve and protect the natural environment in our country, Namibia, and the countries we visit.

As a specialist tour company focusing on wildlife and wilderness, we support a number of wildlife charities and research organizations in Namibia. We believe in low-volume, high-quality tourism, small group sizes, small lodges and camps, to minimize the impact on the environment.

Tourism is essential for the preservation of the wilderness areas in developing countries in Africa and other parts of the world. If the wildlife reserves do not pay their way they will cease to exist. Also the presence of travellers in an area can sometimes help to deter poaching from taking place. However, the negative effects of tourism should be minimized as much as possible by a sensitive and responsible approach to travel.

Over the years Bluecrane Safaris has made significant contributions to conservation societies and research projects in the destinations we visit. This is done through our policy whereby 1% of all our client's tour payments go towards conservation.

One such organisation is TOSCO.


TOSCO Trust is a non-profit organization linking the tourism industry to local people, conservation organizations and research. By supporting conservation projects and local people who share their land with wildlife, TOSCO Trust contributes to safeguarding Namibia's natural assets.

TOSCO's mission is to contribute to ensuring that visiting Namibia's wild places is as enjoyable in the future as it is now. Therefore, TOSCO also engages in promoting responsible tourism in Namibia.

Whether being a concerned individual, traveller or tourism professional, we all have an interest in Namibia's people, places and wildlife.

Visit their website.

Tosco Conservation

TOSCO Trust contributes to safeguarding Namibia's natural assets.

TOSCO Conservation certificate 2019
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