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Blue Crane Client Comments

I just want to thank Blue Crane for a wonderful tour. Nathan was a great guide, the accommodation was amazing, and we saw a just about every type of animal there was to see. Thanks again.

Wendy (Australia)

Finished 10 days explore Namibia camping tour. 4 people on tour through Namibia. Guides were excellent and the food was great, cooked on the open fires.
Nataniel and Job were fun having on tour. We had our own family private tour with our children and we are very impressed how nice the campsites were with hot showers and power.

Anna Jophie (Netherlands)

We had a wonderful 10 Days Safaris in Namibia with Bluecrane Safaris . Namibia is a beautiful country we would love to come back. Thank you to our guide Nathaniel for taking good care of us.

Nuno Novais, Carla Malheiro

15 Nov 2014
All was excellent as we saw a lot of animals, guides cooked wonderful meals over the fire and we could join waterhole at night. Wonderful experience.

Linda Yang (America)

15 Nov 2014
We heard from Bluecrane safaris at CCF in Namibia. We travelled to Etosha for 3 Days. Tour was excellent. Saw plenty of animals.
Thank you .

Patricia Mainque (Spain)

5 Nov 2014
Ronny was a good guide,he is well organized as when we had a problem he will quickly sort it out. His passion for his job is excellent. I really had a good time with Bluecrane Safaris for the 10 Days.

Karen Simalwali (Zambia)

4 Oct 2014
Etsoha was great, we did 3 days Etosha and saw all animals I think. Amazing trip. Thanks Nataniel and Job guides.

Jasmin Zaloris (Germany)

6 Sep 2014
We Had wonderful time with Bluecrane Safaris in Etosha. We did 3 days Etosha camping. Both guides were very knowledgeable and they really love their country.
Our guides were Nathaniel and Job.

Emma Logan (Canada)

6 Sep 2014
Excellent experience on 3 days Etosha camping tour. Saw lots of wildlife and guide's cooking was outstanding.

Adrienne Dufour (Canada)

We really enjoyed traveling with Bluecrane Safaris. Our guides Penda and Job were Fantastic. They cooked us good food all the time . Gave us a lot of information about Namibia. My best place visited was Orange river and the whole camping idea was quite fun.

Marlene Azevedo (Portuguese)

3 Mar 2014
Excellent experience. Our guide was Richard.I would recommend this guide to anybody that travels to Namibia. Thank you Bluecrane team for all. Trip completed is Etosha 3 days accommodated tour.

Michael Kalil (America)

28 Apr 2013
We real enjoyed our 10 Days Namibia experience camping tour with Elago, our guide and Job, our camp assistant. Holiday was awesome.

Daniel Hargreaves (England)